Wes wetherell quarter horses 


Founded by Wes Wetherell in 1984, WWQH has operated at our same Purcell, Oklahoma location ever since. A lot has changed in the past 30 years – like the fence posts and facility that Wes built from the ground up. But some things will never change – like our business being rooted in hard work and ethical practices. 

We take a special pride in our place in the horse industry – where a passion for competition is rooted in solid horsemanship and family-first principles. Our clients quickly become friends and family, and we love developing the bond between horses and riders.

With a reputation founded on integrity, Wes is a trusted voice in the horse industry.  An AQHA Professional Horseman, clients and fellow trainers count on Wes to put the horse first. This concern for every aspect of a horse’s welfare naturally extended to wanting to provide first-rate forage options- so, in 2005, Wes Wetherell Hay Company was born. 

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