We moved to Oklahoma when I was a junior in high school, and I had assumed that we would find another horse trainer and continue on as we always had on prior moves.  Luckily, my mother found a horse training facility right down the road from where we lived and this trainer had previously worked with Appaloosa Horses. 

Honestly, I think that Wes accepted us into his barn with a little reluctance, as he had changed his focus to Quarter Horses.  I am so thankful and glad that he did.  Wes took me under his wing to teach me how to be a better, more confident rider. 

And whether he realized it or not, served a father-figure role as my own father was deployed to Iraq.  After a short stint of showing my Appaloosa, we decided that it was time to make the transition to a Quarter Horse.  We found a great one and ended up not only nationally qualified for the American Quarter Horse Youth World Show in 2010, but we also placed in the top fifteen in the Showmanship as a novice in my first year of showing!  I knew then that Wes had helped me develop into a top tier competitor. 

I was fortunate enough to continue showing through my college years, although not as frequently as before, due to coursework and a commitment to a collegiate equestrian team.  After college, I moved away with my husband while he completed his commitment to the United States Marine Corps.  I always had this feeling that, as happy as I was, something was missing from my life.  Fast forward five years, and after just as many years away from riding, I decided that I needed to be around horses again. 

I had always kept in contact with the Wetherells, as they had become family, and they gladly welcomed me back into the barn to get my horse fix.  I was hooked again!  In March of 2015, I purchased my very own Quarter Horse, Ima Good Selection, under the guidance of Wes.  Wes always makes sure that his clients have the correct skill sets, knowledge, and attitude to succeed.  Because of Wes’ commitment and drive for success, I know that “Squirrel” and I will become a great, competitive team!