I have been training with Wes Wetherell Quarter Horses for 11 years. With the help of Wes I have excelled to ride with trust and confidence. I can say it hasn't always been easy and there were days in the past when I was ready to just give up, but with the determination and hard work from Wes and I, it has turned around. 

With the help of Wes I finally have the most amazing horse, Zippos ATM. I have been showing ATM for a little over a year and we have become a team. He is my partner and I know with the help of Wes there is no limit as to how far we can go and what goals we can achieve in the pleasure class. My goal is to qualify and show ATM in the AQHA Select Amateur Pleasure Class and place in the top 5. 

I can say its not only Wes that has been a tremendous asset to my accomplishments, Dana is always there watching and encouraging me all the way. Our relationship is so much more than a trainer/client relationship. I feel Wes and Dana are my family, and all the clients are my family. We are there for each other and we have a tremendous bond. We are Team Wetherell.